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Focused on different wound aetiologies, evidence and practical how-tos, this educational hub is designed to help you safely advance your career and knowledge while getting the best outcomes for your patients. The world-leading medical solutions company, Mölnlycke, has acquired German wound care products company, SastoMed GmbH. The deal adds new, award-winning products to Mölnlycke’s offer – enabling it to further help healthcare professionals and patients by accelerating the wound healing process and treating chronic wounds. 2008-07-27 Molnlycke wound care supplies are some of the most trusted around. Order some today, and don't forget: FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100!

Molnlycke wound care

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2. dykes pj et al. Effects of adhesive dressings on the stratum corneum of the skin. j Wound Care 2001; 10(2):7-10. principles of best practice:. Surrey flytande Somatisk cell mölnlycke hummel.

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Upton D., Solowiej K. The impact of atraumatic vs conventional dressings on pain and stress. Journal of Wound Care. Vol 21, No 5, May 2012. Wiberg, A.B. et al.

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Watch and see what we mean. Live-webinar ger dig möjligheter att ställa frågor i realtid, men om du ser på det "on-demand" kan du se det precis när du vill - när det passar dig.Du skräddarsy din egen inlärningsupplevelse för att få tillgång till den praktiska information du behöver och de kli niska genombrott och evidens du som du vill veta mer om. På Mölnlycke vet vi att vi gör skillnad – genom våra lösningar, våra handlingar och vår mission. Vi vill utrusta våra kunder med allt de behöver för att de ska kunna göra livet lättare för miljontals människor. Wounds UK 2008, Vol 4, No 1. 4. Dykes et al.

Molnlycke wound care

Explore our range of surgical and wound care solutions, designed to enhance performance at every point of care – from the operating room to the home. Om oss.
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Molnlycke wound care

Other wound management products Mölnlycke is a world-leading medical products and solutions company that equips healthcare professionals to achieve the best patient, clinical and economic outcomes. We use cookies to improve your use and experience of Mölnlycke’s websites. jenny.johansson@molnlycke.com, +46 739 41 29 23 . About Mölnlycke. Mölnlycke is a world leading medical solutions company.

Attention: Products shown on the Mölnlycke web sites(s) may not be available in all markets and product indication claim(s) may vary between markets. Healthcare professionals inspire our wound management, prevention and surgical solutions. Their relentless search for new and better ways to care for patients drives us to innovate. They have what it takes to make a difference to the lives of their patients.
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Vårt mål är att förbättra vårdresultaten världen över. Partnership working with you At MoInlycke, we appreciate that dressings are only part of the equation when delivering effective wound care. Only 12% of the total cost of wound care is from dressing acquisition 1.The remaining 88% results from managing infections, maceration, pain and anxiety, delayed healing, and the additional nursing and hospital resources these complications consume 1. 2021-03-22 Manufacturer Mölnlycke Health Care AB Gamlestadsvägen 3C, Box 13080 SE-402 52 Göteborg, Sweden www.molnlycke.com Granulox®: a haemoglobin-based topical oxygen therapy spray that is sprayed on wounds for faster … Mölnlycke works to develop wound management solutions that facilitate the healing and prevention of acute and chronic wounds – helping to improve patient clinical and economic outcomes across the continuum of care, from hospital to care in home settings. 3 FOREWORD ‘Optimising wound care through patient engagement’ is a crucial and timely topic, both in terms of wound healing (and, in some cases, symptom management), and in improving individuals’ experiences of the process. We identified the need for clear information and education, which has formed the basis for this Mölnlycke Health Care Canada offers this unique and dynamic education program designed to maximize wound-care knowledge and practice.

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Preventing maceration with a soft silicone dressing: in-vitro evaluations. Poster presented at WUWHs, 2008.

About Mölnlycke. Mölnlycke is a world leading medical solutions company. We develop and bring to market innovative wound care and surgical solutions along the entire continuum of care – from prevention to post-acute settings. Mölnlycke, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a world-leading specialist provider and innovator of single-use wound care and surgical products. It has a  Mölnlycke Wound management solutions that aid healing & prevention of acute & chronic wounds – helping to improve patient, clinical outcomes. Mölnlycke Health Care offers a line of wound care management products that feature Safetac silicone technology.